Groucho talks about soiled leisure

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Add “&fmt=18” for the high-resolution model. Groucho praises Carrie Snodgrass however makes no point out of Carrie Nye. From THE DICK CAVETT SHOW. Could 25, 1971.


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  1. "Anyone can say something dirty and get a laugh, but say something clean and get a laugh, that requires a comedian" "It doesnt require talent to be dirty" Groucho Marx

  2. Groucho didn't think "dirty" is funny. Yet when I watch his old movies much of his comedy is innuendo or double entendre. Most of the rest was slapstick, mugging, and clown-walking.

  3. 1971… the movies are all dirty… well, we can all hope for the 2020's… its strange how just insinuating things was dirty back in the day… but, the visuals and blatant Jersey Shore skankaliciousness requires no written script…

  4. Ok… I love the legacy of Groucho. But he made a living making "dirty" innuendoes. It's always amusing to me when I see older people pretend they were never that way in their lives, when they actually were.

  5. Humans are funny.
    Some humans are so stupid that, it's hard to believe they are that stupid. The real humor is watching stupid people consistently doing the stupidest things!

    When cursing is done tastefully, it highlights the story's important twists; identifies the characters in the story; and gives the story a chance to get the attention it needs to be "remembered" by the listeners.

    Otherwise, random cursing loses its effectiveness and people get turned off and then they tune out from watching the performance.

  6. I couldn't agree with him more. I did stand-up professionally for seven years. I remember one guy in Boston simply conjugating the "f" word. And I've seen guys who even use cuss words on a regular basis. I found none of them that funny or interesting very quickly. I'm also very uncomfortable watching movies with sex in them, especially at the theater, so I don't see them. I agree with Groucho 100% The funniest and best comics always work clean. I certainly don't mind the occasional cuss word or implied joke, but a steady diet is for the ignorant and crass, lacking both substance and merit. And I'd rather not.

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