Hillsong UNITED – Scandal of Grace track story

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That is the story behind the track Scandal of Grace.
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  1. What this song captures is that ah-ha! moment when it dawns on a human soul that it has been restored.  So undeserved, so indescribable, so unexpected!  Many of us have been so immersed in our familiarity with the story for so long that it's startling paradox is lost on us – whether we admit it or not, the shine has dulled to some degree.  But if you try to put yourself in the position of someone hearing it for the first time, your reaction can only be one of jaw-dropping astonishment:  "He did WHAT?!!?!?"  That's what this song captures!

  2. idk…I get where there coming from but theres no scandal in grace…there is nothing scandalous about God…and That guy talkin about gays idk..idk if im going to be able to trust them anymore like I did with my eyes and my ears…My spirit don't sit right when he says scandal…I don't like it..idk if im the only one but id like to know if im not…or maybe u never thought about it…idk…

  3. Hey guys, i keep taking peeps advice to "watch the series" on these songs, but I still dont hear anything about Christ. Im trying not to judge, but its almost like a behind the music vid for any secular band. Where is the mention of the Holy Spirit? Jesus? God the Father? C'mon guys, God has given you a world platform to share about Him. Why all the avoidence to do so? God forgive me, I just dont understand this.

  4. I am over whelmed w/emotion and conviction every time i hear this song, God's hand is all over it. I am an aspiring gospel singer/song writer who has given up on the gift God has placed in me. Luke 12:48 Hillsong United, thank God for your inspiration, now i am asking for your prayers. Brother Lanar Kelley sr.

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