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The story for CHOP SHOP was based mostly on disturbing true occasions recorded within the journal of Lisa Stewart, discovered left behind in an auto restore store, the place 4 rotting our bodies had been additionally found!

A sensible, skilled girl, Lisa Stewart, has her automotive towed to a small hick city’s auto restore store after surviving a severe street accident. Joe, the lecherous supervisor, guarantees to have the damages mounted in two weeks. After working late at evening, Lisa returns to the store anticipating her automotive to be prepared, however as an alternative finds it nonetheless hasn’t been repaired. Even worse, she is disrespected by the store’s crew in a vicious means. Outraged, Lisa decides to take issues into her personal fingers and discover one other restore store, however Joe and his workers produce other plans.


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  1. she Lisa really got rape 6 times 3guys 1st time same 3guys next time would not have waited so long to get my revenge on them sick ass oh yeah really more cause the sister raped her to right that 2nd time after she filled her up

  2. I have to say that was definitely a twisted ending I think she planned that shit. it seem like she did go  on a killing spree. revenge is the best medicine prescribed to the person or people that did you wrong. sometimes you have to be careful what you say to and do to people because words cut like a knife. whatever you do to people you better know and realize the boomerang its real.

  3. that's a f@#%ing damn shame it was like an nightmare that wouldn't end for this woman. she was gang rapped three times she was trying to get help from the lady In the office but she turned out to be the sister of one of the men in the chop shop that rapped her. what made it so bad is that she was trying to have sex with her too! no means no not yes men are sick pigs period its men like that that give men altogether a bad name. controlling, manipulating dogs. don't get me wrong all men aren't the same there are few good men and there are others that are filthy, slimy, grimy, slick. when does this end for this women

  4. aww man that was wrong when they gang rapped that lady. that just goes to show you what men think of women. not to say that she should not have worn that short blouse and skirt but, a lady has a right to wear what she wants to wear long or short. it doesn't mean that a man should violate a women's innocence. I will go out on a limb here a say that she was to friendly that made her look week and vulnerable that's what probably made them take advantage of her. she also let it happen on her behalf if it were me I would not have went down there alone knowing how men operate. I  would have taken my big husky friend or brother.

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